Harborside Holdings Management (HHM), a subsidiary of Harborside Holdings Corporation (HHC), supervises and manages the operations of residential and commercial real estate.

HHM specializes in properties that have either been placed in service before 1936, fall within a National or Local Historic District, and/or are individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. With this specific focus, HHM has developed a successful two-pronged approach to maximize ROI and ROE.

HHM’s approach incorporates a strategy to secure protection of real estate assets and correct cash flow. This specialized team approach analyzes building mechanicals while simultaneously identifying projected building needs and maintenance costs. Services include preventive maintenance plans and schedules, marketing and listing services, landlord-tenant communications, work orders, code compliances, quarterly financial reports, tenant screening/credit checks, rental agreements, annual rental evaluations, quarterly financial reports, and rent collection.

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